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A simple farm asset pack :)

Im slowly going to add to this over time if there's a decent interest in it.

Hope you all enjoy !

You are free to use them as is or modify them to your liking. All i ask is you credit me if you do use them please :)

Any issues feel free to comment and ill try to get back to you :)


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Simple Farm Pack.png 4 kB
Simple Farm Packv02.png 13 kB
Simple Farm Packv03.png 23 kB
Simple Farm Packv04.png 18 kB
Simple Farm Packv05.png 26 kB
Simple Farm Packv06.png 33 kB
Simple Farm Packv07.png 34 kB
Simple Farm Packv09.png 50 kB

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amazing work!

thanks glad you like it :)

This looks great! Nice work


thanks glad you like it :)

ok, I'm being kinda annoying here haha, i know

but in case you haven't seen the other msg, please add me to discord to chat, chirptune#1829

hey sorry i havnt been on in a few days had some stuff to sort out ill add you now :)

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hey, I've been seeing your other stuff and was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a game jam or something with me.

i did this: https://m.imgur.com/a/lmew3UE

i went very off genre with that (although i'd argue it looks entertaining), but i could totally do a farm game, or anything else.

Hey, sorry i haven’t uploaded anything new in a while got sucked into some new games atm :) id def be interested in doing a jam with you :) we should organise a discord and have a brainstorm session or play a game together and talk ideas. 

As for that upload i love it ! nothing wrong with getting a silly idea and running with it. Just because its from a farm doesn’t mean its has to be a game about farming :)

that sounds cool and agree on everything.

here's my discord chirptune#1829

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Enjoying learning godot with this pack.

I can move the chicken and collide with the fences. Would send capture, but obs isn't working right now.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is really cool ill upload some changes i made to the pack so you can implement them :)

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Awesome. A couple of things that come to mind that would be kickass are some water container, like a bucket, or a pile of chicken seeds like food.

I would be delighted to implement some mecanic where a chicken can drink/eat.

But you know, absolutely 0 pressure or obligation to draw said things.


Here you go what you think of the new colour palette

(1 edit) (+1)

daaamn, they look dreamy!

I love the all these changes, that bird house is so pretty.

the chickens look nice, very polished.

thank you for drawing the things I mentioned!

today I implemented random movement on NPC chickens.

If you want to run it with godot, I uploaded it here https://github.com/zzyyxxww/farm

Very WIP though, as I'm learning godot.

Glad you like it ill check it out :)

There's definitely interest! Itchio definitely lacks a good farm pack :)

Wow this looks really good

Thanks :)

Looks great :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for share, I love pixel style.

Thanks glad you like it :)